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पढ़िए उस रात क्या हुआ था मीरा रोड के पत्रकार संतोष मिश्रा के साथ !( Date : 23-07-2015)


Please share this as much you can, the brutal nightmare of the journalist who covered the Mira Roads White House Bar.

Every morning, we give you information regarding the happenings in our city; we are termed as the fourth pillar of the democracy. Be it crime news, educational news, political news, interviews of celebrity we are the one who give you info regarding it. We go to red light areas despite knowing our life is at risk just to give you news. But are we really valued?
A reporter strives hard, works day and night to get the news to keep the citizens updated about the city, country and the world. What do they get in return? Assault and attacks. Not only this they are being killed too.
After the recent incident in the Thanes Mira Road bar, White house raid, one journalist Raghvendra Dubey was brutally killed with sharp weapons in an around 4am and two other journalists who were badly assaulted Shashi Sharma and Santosh Mishra of which Santosh Mishra was still missing after the raid till the morning while Shashi Sharma was moved to the hospital for his treatment. 
We somehow got to know that Santosh Mishra was in the BhaktiVedanta hospital where he came (admitted) early in the morning. We decided to meet Santosh Mishra. Santosh Mishra is the editor of the newspaper Mumbai Headlines, he has been revealing sex rackets carried out in the city up to the international level and have also rescued 56 girls from these rackets who were being pushed into the illicit trade.
When asked Mishra his whereabouts after the raid till the morning, he narrated the entire story which literally busted me of tears. Above all that Santosh Mishra is still full of courage and same passion towards his work despite the brutal act he had suffered.

The Story of the nightmare that Santosh Mishra witnessed and narrated, after he and other reporters started clicking pictures of the raid.

I got to know that there was a raid in a bar, soon after the information I verified it by the Mira Road Police station after the confirmation I rushed to the bar. On reaching the spot, there were other reporters also present, the scenario looked of a raid, a police van was parked at the gate of the bar. Three to five police were also seen. As I got to know that there were 14 girls and 2 minors rescued, I immediately updated about it on whatsapp group. Soon as the police escorted the rescues we journalists started to click pictures from our mobile phone, the bar manager Ganesh Kamat, threw a glass on me. I managed to dodge it after which the bar manager said, sent 8-10 of his staff to catch and hit us, despite the presence of police. The Police Sub Inspector of Mira Road Police Station Diwakar Pawar said them (Barwallas) to beat us inside the bar and not create a scene on the road. We all placed to speed to escape from the spot.

I dont know about my other two my friends but I was chased by those goons up to approx. 1.5kms. They snatched off my cell and dragged me to the bar, the owner said beat him, I pleaded for help from the other constables standing there looking at the scene, but they ignored. I was taken extremely inside of the bar, where I guess they hide their girls during raid time; they  bate me and bate black and blue whatever they got in their hands. I was beaten by belts rods chairs, and bottles.  After some time a man came and said me, tere dost dube ko toh upar pahuncha dia ab teri bari kuch time mei tu bhi uske pas pahunch jayega. Since I dint know this could go so critical I didnt exactly understand what he said. I did not react as I was kind of unconscious. I was forced to drink alcohol and their plans that I heard was to make me drink alcohol and then hand me over to police stating that I visited the bar and was drunken a lot and did not pay for the same and had an argument with the staff. However, I did not drink a drop of it. While everything was happening there was a continuous call from a man who was directing them for further actions to be taken. After hours later, they took me in their car, and drove towards Ahmedabad highway where I heard them talking on phone to kill me and throw in some sea of Gujarat, even if I am found later no one would recognize. As we reached at the highway they again got a call which said bring him pack. They convinced me that they mistakenly bate me thinking of Chaubey a reporter that had exposed them earlier. They talked to my friend Jay Thakur on phone and said him to pick me up from Sun Rise (a spot in mira road) but they moved me out of the car near Kashimira Police station. I walked to my friend and from there visited the hospital for treatment.

I therefore expect that PSI Diwakar Pawar, constable Parte and two others whose name I dont know, to be terminated from the force and all illegal bars violating the law be dealed with strickness and the police who are found protecting such bars be suspended at the earliest.

A police man's duty is to save people from crime but alas there exist such policemen who ignore their duty and help the goons and criminals. Well! Its a high time now, protection of reporters must be taken into consideration or else there will come a time when we have to start our day without newspapers and news channels.

After his health getting critical pain in the head, Santosh Mishra is now moved to Mumbais JJ Hospital in the Nursing department at third floor room no.07. We all pray for his quick recovery and good health.

Help these journalists getting justice share this post until the victim journalists get justice.  For more details Contact. Atul Pandey (

Pandey Atul
Mumbai Headlines.

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