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मीडिया पर एक बेहतरीन व्यंग्य( Date : 25-07-2015)


Reporter:- PM sir; which fruit do you like?

Modi:- Apple

Reporter:- Breaking news---

Modi does not like Mangoes; Banana; etc.

Let�s ask Congress their views on this.

Manish Tewari:- Modi like Apple means Red color.

This means he likes bloodshed

This means he does not want peace and harmony in the country

Ahmed Patel:- This means Modi is only promoting Hindutva.

He does not like green fruits means he is against Muslims.

This clearly shows Modi has no feelings for Muslims.

Nitish Kumar:- This attitude of Modi is what made us split from NDA.

Rahul Gandhi:- Modi never says which chocolate he likes.

Arnab Goswami :

The nation wants to know why Modi likes apple more than other fruits

The Nation has the right to know this.

Sonia Gandhi:- People of India please ask from where

Modi is going to get the money to buy such an expensive fruit.

Geelani:- This is Modi�s tactic to usurp Kashmir.

We will not allow this to happen.

Yechuri:- Selecting an expensive fruit like Apple shows Modi is pro- capitalist. It also means he is pro corporate and wants to promote Apple products indirectly. Why is he not saying about Samsung etc. We want a CBI enquiry.

Kejriwal:- Traditionally Mango is considered the King of Fruits.

Modi is anti tradition. This is against the interest of the aam aadmi.

Foreign Media:- Modi�s communal policies are hurting the secular fabric of India.

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